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Our Story

Founded in 2011, Storybook Brand Communication Consultancy is an award-winning boutique consultancy, driven by a passion for campaigns that are strategic in its direction, and creative and slick in its execution. Partner-owned and managed, we believe in creating a strong narrative to tell a brand story across communication platforms.


The energetic, compact Storybook Team survive mainly on news feeds, caffeine and the ability to exercise their creativity as PR practitioners. We are creative thinkers, priding ourselves on building relationships based on honesty, integrity and transparency.

We are always focussed on delivering outstanding results for our clients. 


Whether you’re a major South African retailer with an ever-expanding footprint in Africa, the global leader in import and export of kiwifruit, or a dynamic group of critical thinkers at a technology agency - we have the expertise, passion and track record to deliver strategic and impactful campaigns for you.

Our Approach

Our model is simple. We keep our costs down so that we can offer you the most efficient service at the most competitive rate. We work on the premise that you don't need us to have the fancy office, OTT business cards and bespoke blow-out client events that do nothing for your business objectives. We understand that all you really want is great marketing and PR: efficient, targeted, creative and smart.

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