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Become a Reviewnista!

We work with brands that are consistently innovating and releasing new products into the retail space. While they don't always have the budget to invest in micro-influencers with a lower social media following, they do have access to products, services, vouchers and events. We offer selected micro-influencers the opportunity to be part of this process and an opportunity to grow with our brands until you become able to present a campaign rate card that boasts solid stats.

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You've worked hard on creating amazing content, increased your online following to a responsible number and your engagement is starting to look a little like magic. But, you 're just struggling to get the right brands to notice you. Better want to see your name in lights. You want radio, tv and to see your name in print. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy... we can help you with this. Let us help you take your social media career to the next level (and by next level, we mean "social media rockstar").


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You're the real deal - when you speak, people listen. You set the trend and your content is always flawless. You have many, many (many) adoring followers across multiple platforms and have a rate card to match your big, booming and oh-so-sexy online voice. We work with brands that might just have a 'perfect fit' campaign for you and we love nothing better than to create stunning, mutually beneficial partnerships. So, what are you waiting for...Get in touch with your media kit and rate card and let's start chatting.