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We understand that your brand story needs to be communicated across a variety of channels - that is why we offer full-service marketing by collaborating with talented advertising partners to create strategic marketing messages for your brand.  In this way we can guarantee that your unique message is placed directly in the hands of your audience.

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Public Relations

Public Relations is about reputation – the result of what you do, what you say and what others say about you. We're in the business of managing your reputation and the perception of both your internal and external audiences - with the aim of influencing opinion and behaviour. We have various ways we do this: read all about our  ABC's of PR here.

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Content Generation

According to Wikipedia, content generation is "Content creation is the contribution of information to any media and most especially to digital media for an audience in specific contexts." In simple english: We engage with influencers and freelance writers - who have their trendy fingers on the pulse of what's cool and topical - to commission targeted content that speaks directly to your brand or industry. 

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Bespoke Events

Any event we do needs to have a strategic intent - whether it's a launch, a media roundtable debate or a pop-up showcase of your products. It goes without saying that planning, budgeting and final execution of any Storybook Bespoke Event is slick and seamless - and bang on target for your audience! Some of the events we do include Press Previews, Product Launches, Influencer Events, Pop-up Shops, Opening Parties and Publicity Stunts.

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Influencer Programmes

Reach the right people. 92% of online consumers say they trust recommendations from people they know. We are experienced at identifying and reaching key influencers who are relevant to our clients’ audiences.

Word of Mouth Campaigns
Custom Influencer / Brand Ambassador Programs
Influencer Seeding

Celebrity Placement 

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Media Relations

We communicate your messages to a broad range of media outlets including websites, blogs, magazines, newspapers and TV. 80% of South African consumers turn to blogs and online reviews for recommendations on product purchases. 60% of these consumers consider the most trustworthy content to come from “industry experts” in the space they are researching.

· Media Relations
· Blogger Relations
· Media Training

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Strategic Partnerships

The right partnerships create a halo effect and amplify a brand’s reputation and visibility. We make those partnerships happen.